Hard Drive Shredding in Hampton Roads, VA


Removing confidential information from a hard drive and be sure that it is completely and securley destroyed when you hire the hard drive shredding and destruction services of Shred Ace – serving the Coastal Virginia area.

When it comes to completely eliminating information security risk, nothing is more effective than hard drive shredding. See it for yourself as our trucks shred your hard drives right in front of you.

For many companies, simply punching one hole into each hard drive means the job is done. However, at Shred Ace, we don’t consider that enough so when we say “shred”, we truly mean it. Our hard drive shredding machines will tear the hard drives into tiny shards the same way as our paper shredding process will do to documents and files.

Destroy Hard Drives & Other Media in the Coastal VA Area

As a NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) AAA Certified company, Shred Ace’s mobile on-site hard drive shredding ensures the highest possible standard of security in the industry.

Our shredding trucks come straight to your office, so that you can witness the hard drive destruction as it happens. If necessary, we will provide a bar code scanning of each hard drive’s serial number, creating a verifiable list of destroyed units to be kept in your own records.

No matter the quantity of hard drives that need to be destroyed, our truck will take care of it while working within your budget.

Environmentally Conscious Hard Drive Shredding

As an environmentally conscious company, Shred Ace works hand in hand with local recycling facilities in order to make sure all electronic waste is recycled properly, making sure you and your business aren’t be exposed to any security-related issues that can come from improper hard drive disposal.

Wherever your offices are located in the Coastal Virginia area, we offer off-site hard drive destruction and shredding by picking up your hard drives in a secure vehicle and transporting them back to our facilities where they are securely destroyed. Afterwards, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Hard Drive Destruction & Shredding In Norfolk & Coastal Virginia Areas

Are your offices located in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Hampton or any other major city in the Coastal Virginia Area? Contact Shred Ace today for a free quote on our hard drive shredding services or to schedule a pickup as soon as possible.


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