Federal Government Shredding Services in the Coastal Virginia Area

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As one of the most trusted companies for federal government shredding services in the coastal Virginia area – Shred Ace is proud to offer safe and secure shredding services to federal agencies and other government entities.

Whether off site, on-site, recurring or one-time – we offer flexible shredding solutions that are specifically tailored to federal government agencies.

We know how important it is to be able to securely shred confidential documents, which is why we are proud to provide on-site shredding services to federal government accounts under our GSA Schedule #GS-03F-071DA.


Confidential, Secure Shredding Services for Government Agencies


With Shred Ace, federal government agencies in the coastal Virginia area never have to worry about confidential or sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

Our team of trusted professionals will travel directly to your office and shred on site. We invite you to oversee the shredding process as it happens in order to fully ensure that your documents were destroyed. In addition to this, we also provide you with a certificate of destruction, guaranteeing that all of your items were safely, securely and properly destroyed with zero chance of getting into the wrong hands.

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We know that you have a choice when it comes to your shredding services. Shred Ace is NAID AAA Certified for document destruction throughout the coastal Virginia area, and we adhere to the most strict best practices in industry standards when it comes to paper shredding, document destruction and privacy.

Federal government agencies in the coastal Virginia area entrust us to do everything we can to protect their most valued, confidential information. Let our team of professionals take your privacy protection to the next level with world class document destruction services that are designed to protect your most valued information and prevent confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands.

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