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Regardless of their size, businesses accumulate all types of important information that is stored in CDs, printed paper and hard drives. Information that is classified and fundamental to the functioning of the company, containing employee data, payroll information and all types of confidential documents.

However, at some point, part of this information becomes obsolete so there’s no necessity to continue guarding it. Paper files occupy too much space and hard drive space needs to be recovered, but all of it must be done in a way that also protects the confidential data they hold.

Businesses should only trust an agency with this job. At Shred Ace, we proudly offer certified shredding services in Chesapeake, VA, guaranteeing the utmost security all throughout the shredding and disposal processes.

Mobile On-Site Shredding Services To Guarantee Security

As an independently owned and NAID AAA Certified shredding agency, Shred Ace makes sure to fulfill the highest security protocols in order to protect the important data from their clients and keep it secure from perils, such as identity theft, digital fraud and leakage.

In order to make this happen, we have developed a unique mobile on-site shredding system that allows us to dispose of your important information in the most secure way.

We first install a set of locked containers in your offices where all material can be stored until it’s time to shred it. Then, uniformed members of our team come by your offices to pick these up and take them straight to our shredding trucks parked right outside your place of business, where you can see the shredding process as it happens.

Once this is done, all materials are taken to a local recycling facility and you are left with a Certificate of Destruction that certifies the job has been done following the highest security protocols.

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Our certified shredding services in Chesapeake, VA are guaranteed to keep your important information secure. This is why we proudly hold our NAID AAA Certificate as proof that our job is done maintaining the highest security standards possible.

Contact Shred Ace today and learn all you need to know about our shredding services and what we do to keep your information secure.  

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To speak with a member of our staff about our document shredding services, contact Shred Ace online or by phone at 757-819-4693.

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Connie Cake
Connie Cake
18:13 27 Feb 20
The guy that came out to do our shredding could not have been nicer. So professional and fast. I will definitely use them again. Also - no hidden charges from Shred Ace like the other companies!!!!
Charlie Adams
Charlie Adams
13:45 24 Feb 20
I love working with locally owned companies. Driver was on time. Very polite. No surprises. I would highly recommend.
Sunshine Berry
Sunshine Berry
20:35 30 Dec 19
From start to finish, friendly courteous customer service, I we couldn't have asked for better service. We will be using Shred Ace again.
Deborah Reynolds
Deborah Reynolds
13:26 05 Apr 19
Shred Ace was easy to schedule. They were timely and efficient. I would highly recommend them.
Lorri Krance
Lorri Krance
20:51 27 Feb 19
Very pleased w/Matt. He was extremely helpful. Their pricing is definitely better than Stealth Shredding and much friendlier! I'm so glad I found them. Will definitely be using them on a regular basis.
Karol Hatten
Karol Hatten
14:15 13 Dec 18
Prompt response and scheduling, very reasonably priced, courteous technicians and office help. Highly recommend them for your shredding needs. Will definitely use them again !
19:33 04 Oct 18
Great experience! Everything went very smoothly from the start! Great prices also!
Kevin Szogas
Kevin Szogas
17:41 14 Aug 18
Look no further than Shred Ace in Norfolk. Great customer service, great people. Dependable and most importantly trustworthy. Highly Recommend.
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